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The HAIR RINSE: Boreal

The HAIR RINSE: Boreal

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BOREAL: Rosemary + Pine + Cedar + Ho Wood + Clary Sage + Cedarwood

Fresh and herbaceous, Boreal is scented with rosemary, pine, cedar, ho wood, clary sage, and cedarwood essential oils. Made with raw apple cider vinegar (pardon the active culture in the bottle!) and infused with hair-happy herbs like horsetail, rosemary, nettle, burdock, lavender, and marshmallow root. We also add panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) and Plant Keratin to ensure you’re getting the smoothest, silkiest hair you can get.

The OG of low/no waste hair washing, the ACV Hair Rinse has made it’s way to the top of “No-Poo” hair maintenance regimes. Used as an alternative to shampoo, or as a conditioning treatment following natural shampoo bar usage, ACV hair rinses provide pH stabilization for your hair follicles and scalp, extra conditioning and brilliant shine to your lovely locks.

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"we choose to create thoughtfully formulated, nature-based products that are good to our bodies and the planet."

- Sarah, Founder

capture clean.

at Pearl & Moss, we work hard to create products that benefit our skin, while still being mindful of the environment. that's why we always cross reference the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Database to ensure what goes onto your body is good enough to go into the plant as well.